Welcome to my New Blog & Some News!

Today, October 11, 2016, is the official day of kicking off my new blog and….my new website at http://www.pammeyerswrites.com. You can actually go to the website and find my blog on the Welcome Page and when you click to read more it will bring you right here to this spot.

But don’t do that until you investigate my new website where I feature my books, information about my and my writing and speaking, see some of the latest pics of my events and travels, and …. of course my cats. 🙂

Now for the NEWS!

the-bucket-list-dare-final-no-seal_03In a matter of days the novella collection I’m a part of will be released in both ebook versions and print. The Bucket List Dare is a fun project and I’m super excited about it. I’ll be announcing it here, on my website, on Facebook and any other place I can. So stay tuned.

In the meantime: Here’s a copy of the back cover blurb. My story is What Lies Ahead about Kat who is a Wounded Warrior whose challenge is to climb a mountain. But, how when she left a leg behind in Afghanistan?

Four best friends—Texas A&M grads—challenge each other to revisit the bucket list they made in college and tackle one daring item before they turn thirty. Living in different parts of the country and with birthdays on the horizon, the Aggie girls choose their adventure and work toward making it happen . . . with wonderful, unexpected results.

Arabel, recently unemployed and with a new genealogical certification to her name, takes off for Scotland to discover the answer to a mysterious hole in her ancestral tree.
Annie, a wedding photographer whose reputation is her pride and her job is her life, crashes the most extravagant wedding in the country.

Kat, an army veteran and amputee, has always dreamed of climbing the most challenging mountain she could find. Now that her life and body have been drastically altered—does she dare?

Jojo is a country veterinarian who has never jumped out of anything higher than a hayloft much less an airplane. How did that get on her bucket list?

The young professionals, facing unknown dangers and risks, call on their strong faith and Aggie spirit, and walk away with love.

We are looking for experienced reviewers for this book. If interested contact me and we’ll get a free PDF copy out to you for review.



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